Dental Unit


At Art Dental Studio, patient comfort during the treatment is one of our big concern. We select the best dental chair available, Kavo Estelica E50, for our patients regarding the following reasons:

  • Relaxed posture as everything is to hand and correctly position.
  • For optimal and flexible positioning of all patients
  • Comfortable chair treatment surface due to soft upholstery and an ergonomically-shaped, fully-contoured seat recess with integrated lumbar support

Select from two flexible headrest options.

  • Operating light KAVOLUX 1410 with shadow-free illuminated field, having daylight quality
  • Solid construction with superior materials
  • Precise manufacturing according to the highest standards of quality
  • Maximum reliability from comprehensive long-term tests
  • KaVo stands for tried & tested, excellent quality.


KaVoLUX 540 LEDAn operating light : KaVoLUX 540 LED ensures natural white light of the highest quality, of up to 40,000 LUX, from a unique, visual system and with four different-coloured LED's. The even, shadow-free light field, offers the highest level of treatment comfort. The excellent colour reproduction value, also allows you to do an exact comparison of tooth and composite colours, using the operating light directly mounted on your treatment unit. The colour-temperature of the KaVoLUX 540 LED, can be set to your individual needs, on five different levels and the innovative COMPOsave mode, filtersout all blue light wavelengths and thereby slows down the polymerisation of filling materials. Without having to dim the light, curing materials can be moulded in a relaxed way. With the lockable 3D joint, the KaVoLUX 540 LED offers maximum variability in settings and, with its touch-free operation, is both convenient and hygienic in use.